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The Carcavelos Campus is located 15/20  minutes from Lisbon in the municipality of Cascais, halfway between Lisbon and Cascais. The easiest way to get on campus is by public transportation taking the train to the Carcavelos or Oeiras station. 

Train from Lisbon (Cais de Sodré) station to Oeiras or Carcavelos station – 18/20 minutes.

Train from Cascais station to Carcavelos or Oeiras station – 13/15 minutes

Train from Estoril station to Carcavelos or Oeiras station – 9/12 minutes

From 7.00 am to 10.00 am and from 5.00 pm to 8.30 pm there is a train every 12 minutes. In the other periods, one every 20 minutes.

Train ticket: Euro 2,10

To travel in Lisbon and outside Lisbon, the best is to buy a rechargeable green-colored “Viva Viagem” card, which can be used for metro, trams, urban trains, most buses, and ferries to cross the River Tagus.

How to get from the Lisbon airport (Humberto Delgado Airport) to NOVA SBE

Lisbon Airport is well-served by international flights.

The distance between the airport and the Nova SBE campus is 24 km


1. Take the metro’s red Line and change in Alameda station to the Green Line (direction Cais de Sodré). The trip takes about 30 minutes and costs 1.80 Euro.

In Cais de Sodré, take the train to Cascais or Oeiras and get off at Oeiras or Carcavelos station.

2. By uber or Bolt services: approximately 25/40 minutes depending on traffic condition; between Euro 25/35.

How to get from Carcavelos station to Nova SBE?

When exiting the train at the Carcavelos station (Carcavelos station – Nova SBE: 1,5 kms distance), the campus can be reached either by:

- Taking a 20 minutes walk .

- Taking a short bus ride – 5 minutes. A shuttle, M16, and other urban lines connect Carcavelos station to the University.

M16 operates with a frequency of one trip every twenty minutes, from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.

- Taking a bike ride – 6 minutes. The school has a partnership with Bird, which allows for a 20% discount on electric bike and scooter trips and a 30% discount for trips beginning or ending at Nova SBE.

- Sharing an Uber – 3 minutes.


How to get from Oeiras station to Nova SBE?

When exiting the train at the Oeiras station (Oeiras station – Nova SBE: 1,3 kms distance), the campus can be reached either by:

- Taking a 18 minutes walk

- Sharing an Uber – 4 minutes.

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